Our Mission

Our mission is to take all children off the streets into education, ensuring they enjoy their childhood and achieve their full potential and dreams.

Our Aim

Our aim is developing leaders to build our nation.


13 million children are out of school & 2 million working on streets in Pakistan. Every child has a right to enjoy their childhood. No child should be forced to work on garbage dumps or on the streets and suffer abuse. These are our children and our future. We have to protect our children on the streets of Pakistan and return their childhood.

We inspire our children through fun, outdoor activities and basic hygiene and general education. We then help them identify their true potential. We have found children with business skills, debaters, interested in further education and some who are natural sportsmen. CPRT has started to take them into education.

We teach them respect, teamwork, honesty, communication, cleanliness as well as languages & sciences while they have fun.

We support them to fulfil their potential either directly or facilitate their efforts with the help of other local organisations and private sponsors impressed with the skills of our children.

We believe our children on the streets once guided and supported will help build a stronger community and a peaceful country.



(Contact us:cprt@cprt.org.uk)

5th March, 2017

CPRT was invited by Talat-Farooq Awan on BBC radio Manchester's 'Indus' programme. Over a 20 minute period we were able to give a brief summary of the challneges our children on the streets face in Pakistan, how CPRT came into being, its mission, startegy and achievements. We hope that the message will raise awareness among the population and we will see further support from Lancashire.

20th February, 2017

CPRT website updated.

10th February, 2017

CPRT annual gala dinner announced for Saturday 20th May 2017 at Sheridan suite, Manchester.

1st February, 2017

New CPRt centre in Karachi started.

20th January, 2017

CPRT's new centre in Dir (upper), KPK started.

10th January, 2017

MOU for a Leaadership academy signed for 50 of our CPRT children.

15th December, 2016

Please either join our facebook page or follow it as I am uploading weekly video reports and updates of CPRT children activities on our page. The link is https://www.facebook.com/people/Aftab-Ahmad/100009125640407.

4th October, 2016

Over the last 2 months I have been setting up a facebook profile to report the progress of our children and the centres across Pakistan. It has been very well received by friends, colleagues and supporters across the world. Please join in at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009125640407

24th August, 2016

Dr Suhail Ahmed, our CPRT trustee, visited our Multan centre and observed the children at work. He spent time with them inspiring them and sat their focus on studies. Some photos on https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009125640407

20th August 2016

You all will remember Museeb from his heart warming speech last year titled "mein umeed-e-Pakistan hoon" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2xb3C2EiaM).

This time he presents a national naghma and tells me a bit about his life prior to the CPRT program. https://youtu.be/D38Yj1ERNbk

He is another great success story of the CPRT program as he will now InshAllah start Edward college, Peshawar and determined to become a software engineer. He will be one of our candidates for the leadership academy. Just his infectious smile is worth the effort.

Please continue to support and spread the the word as the program is working.

18th August 2016

I had the privilege to witness the phenomenal impact and success of our CPRT program and movement on our children during my recent visit to Pakistan. (Youtube link of 1st report below)

I visited 6 centres in Lahore and Peshawar with my family who all played a role including running activities with the CPRT children (my daughters), teacher workshops (my wife) and recording all this on camera (my son). We were all impressed with the commitment of the teachers, children and their parents. This has spurred us all even more to do much more.

This is the first of many small reports I will be sending you all so please be patient and watch the children showcase their skills. The uploaded youtube video is of Samiullah, a 10 year old boy who up to 2 years ago was running on dangerous garbage dumps making a living selling a sack full of items collected from the dumps. 2 years with CPRT and see the transformation for yourself and watch a short interview with him.

He won us over with his words, passion, confidence and clarity of what he will achieve and help change Pakistan. I have translated the interview and subtitled the video for our non-urdu speaking supporters.




21st June 2016

I am proud to announce the inauguration of our Quetta centre in the Balochistan province. This is a great achievement as not only do we have centres in 3 of the 4 provinces in Pakistan but a centre in a difficult province with respect to children education. Please see the video report on our page http://www.childprotectionandrehabilitationtrust.org.uk/video.html.

More importantly we have been able to convince parents in Balochistan to send the girls to our program, which is a big step in itself.

Please keep sending in your donations and zakat to help us spread the program to every city in Pakistan.

15th May

Children from our Sabzazaar centre in Lahore are visited by a group of students with a unique project to develop and identify the potential of our children. This is a pilot project for our children. The group gave an excellent presentation to our admin team and with set objectives and time frames to deliver the program got our blessing to engage our children in the program. Our children had a wonderful engaging session and showed their commitment to the program. The students briefed our admin team at the end of the session and were extremely impressed with our children. They have agreed to include our centre and program in their project. Watch the presentation slides of the students and highlights of the session and the participation of our children here.

24th April, 2016

CPRT hosted its first charity event in Manchester. The event was sold out and it was a full house. The supporters of CPRT made it a memorable event in every way. The presentations by Dr Altaf Khattak, Prof Aftab Ahmad, Saranoor from London and Bill Hampson from another charity, laying out the plight of our children in Pakistan spending their lives on the streets, were carefully listened toby everyone there. This was followed by a dinner and some light entertainment especially the singing of our young doctors Salman Shahid and Amjad Iqbal. We found a wonderful host in Salman Khan who ran the show to perfection. I am sure everyone went home ready to share the message and with an intent to join the mission personally. Thank you everyone. Our supporters who bought the tickets but could not make were missed. Video reports 1, 2, 3.

20th April, 2016

Our children in Peshawar centres celebrated international street children day outdoors playing games and taking part in team activities. They showed their confidence in talking to the media and explaining the CPRT program and its benefits to their lives.

While our children in Lahore centres organised an extremely successful indoor event. They invited numerous guests including Reham Khan and showcased their drama and speech skills. They received some prizes and gifts from the guests.

For the video reports on all centres activities on the day please click here.

6th April, 2016

CPRT opened its centre in Multan. For the video report on the opening ceremony and the progress of the children over a few weeks in our Multan centre click here. It was wonderful to see such beautiful children, both girls and boys, eager to learn and come off the streets.

10th March, 2016

CPRT charity dinner is taking place on Saturday, 23rd April at Nawaab restaurant in Manchester. We will be briefing our supporters on the acvhievements and future plans with some light entertainment and networking. See you there.

25th January, 2016

We will need everyone to spread the word around and if possible increase contributions to help with the new centres.

24th January, 2016

We are hoping to start our Sialkot centre in February and our Multan centre in April. We have asked for surveys in Karachi and Quetta. We have been approached by people in Gujrat impressed with our program asking to start a centre in Gujrat. We have asked for surveys in Gujrat as well.

19th January, 2016

A charity event for 23rd April is planned at Nawaab Restaurant in Manchester. We will soon send out the invitations.

Prof Aftab Ahmad.