Our Approach

All children have a right to enjoy their childhood and follow their dreams. They should have a chance to get educated and choose a career. No child should be forced to work at a young age or be exposed to abuse on the streets. Hundreds of thousands of children in Pakistan have lost their childhood to poverty, lack of educational facilities, organised crime and many other factors.

There are different ways to help these children and families from giving them donations or fund their education or even provide facilities where they can have fun. There is a problem with this approach. It does not necessarily work as without motivation neither the children nor their families are interested in attending these activities.

Our approach is more fundamental. We want to inspire them and give them back their dreams and hope. We aim to return their childhood as a first step while giving them a taste of good life and teach them to work towards it. We want them to have aspirations of a successful life. We want to see them smile again and not be afraid. We believe in the ancient proverb "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

We bring them together in a safe environment, away from the streets and the garbage dumps where they spend their lives. We encourage hygiene and cleanliness, we provide fun and activities, teach them self-respect and respect for each other and learn from each other. We take them to museums, picnics, archaeological sites, theme parks, swimming pools and many other fun yet educational activities. They have fun, they smile and they want to have more of it and then they want to work for it and then they want to be educated or learn a skill.

It has already happened for many of the children in our centres and we believe they will all be inspired and have dreams once again!