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15th November, 2015

Congratulations to all of you helping. We are now announcing the start of our first centre in another historic city, Silakot. We have surveyed and identified an area with a lot of street children who will benefit from being inspired. This will make 7 centres in Pakistan with 3 in Peshawar and 3 in Lahore already fully functional.

We have also surveyed for a centre in Multan and an area has been identified.

Things are now picking up pace and we are getting a lot of people joining this cause.

October, 2015

Great news that we have started our 3rd centre in Lahore with 30 very talented children already already joined the program.

We are now planning weekly football games and competition between the 3 centres in Lahore with full sporst kit very soon. This will help develop teamwork as well as competitiveness among the children.

September, 2015

Great news from Lahore centre. 11 students from our 2nd branch in Lahore have now started regular school. The hard work of Dr Mumtaz Khan and Miss Firdous, the children's teacher has come to fruition. The photos of the children, before and after admission to school, with their uniforms will posted on the photo gallery to see the difference.

August, 2015

The 4 boys have been enjoying the school and have shown their learning capabilities. They have been getting A grades in most subjects having never been to school before. Reports have been sent to the all involved via email.

Children from all centres celebrated independence day in the same patriotic manner as ever. They went to Wahga border to see the exchange of guards but couldn't get right in due to the extreme demand and lack of places. They instead enjoyed a picnic nearby the border.

July, 2015

Parents from Lahore centre approached us and asked us to take in their daughters for the same program, education and inspiration provided to their sons. This was a complete turn around as the parenst previously refused to send their daughters. This request represents the success of our program and the trust the parents have in our team.

The girls joined the class room this smonth and they appear comemitted and focused. This is indeed a happy day for all involved. Please see video link in gallery section.

June, 2015

4 of our students aged 12-14 from Lahore centre admitted to a school providing accelerated curriculum education program. The aim is to bring them to their age level and back into main stream schooling within 2 years using this internationally accredited curriculum for over age children.

27th May, 2015

Mrs Reham Khan attended CPRT's national awareness event on 23rd May, 2015 in Lahore on the invitation of our children. Our children were excellent and presented their talent in the form of speeches, rhymes and kalam-e-Iqbal. I gave our CPRT vision to the audience and the media.

Mrs Reham Khan spoke to the nation via the media and gave her unconditional commitment to our children across the country. She spent time with our children and inspired them with her kindness and comments to the individuals.

Children swamped her at the end with one young girl kissing her hands and sitting on her lap. The day ended with Reham Khan presenting our children with plaques and then receiving our "Ambassador of Street Children" plaque from our children.

The media ran Reham Khan's speech throughout the day. Video link of the whole event and TV news clip links are available on our "video" section under the "gallery" tab.

30th April, 2015

In collaboration with DOST foundation, Pakistan we have agreed on the building for our academy where we will transform our children into leaders and nation builders of the future. The building is being provided by DOST foundation. We will help refurbish to make it fit for purpose and run our unique model of transformation.

25th April, 2015

Mr Asad Umar has confirmed his attendence for the National Awareness seminar being held in Lahore on 23rd May, 2015.

19th April, 2015

Lahore branch has identified another 2 potential centres. We have to raise more funds to start these centres as soon as we can to help children in all these areas.

12th April, 2015

As we have been working with KPK govt, our work and negotiations have resulted in the Chief Minister KPK announcing a road map for street children and declaring them the Children of the State that no govt in Pakistan has ever done. Mr Altaf Khattak was there representing and negotiating on behalf of CPRT.

7th April, 2015

Congratulations again. Our 4th centre in Peshawar has opened for children in a different part of the city.

5th April, 2015

Children from the 2nd centre were given a taste of life outside their environment by taking 35 children to a trip. They attended Jashn-e-Bharan organised by the Punjab govt and had a good day out enjoying as children should do.

4th April, 2015

Congratulations to everyone. Our 2nd centre in Lahore has now opened, albeit, under a makeshift tent to accomodate girls from the area as parents will not allow them to travel any distance. Photos in the gallery.

30th March, 2015

The new centre in Lahore has been finalised and due to open in the next 2 weeks. The most important NEWS about this centre is that for the first time we have convinced families in the area to allow their daughters to join the program and they have agreed. We have acquired the services of a female teacher for the young girls.

22nd March, 2015

Our patronage continues to grow with more kind hearted individuals becoming part of the journey. Almost everyone is donating via direct debit and some have increased their monthly donation amounts. Thank you as we need to continue opening new centres and each centre with 50 children requires about £700.00 per month to run.

20th March, 2015

A fun day was planned for both the Peshawar centers (Akhun Abad and Wazir Colony) on Saturday 14 March 2015. Number of activities were carried out, Drawing Competitions, Face Painting, Coloring Competitions. Children were happy and enjoyed the fun day. At the end refreshments were served to the children.

1st March, 2015

The National Awareness Child Protection and Rehabilitation Trust seminar has been announced for 23rd May, 2015 in Lahore, I will upload the seminar brochure on the "Reports" tab under "About Us" tab. This is also an invitation to all interested to attend if you can.

15th February, 2015

CPRT and ISOSS are planning and finalising a national awareness seminar on child protection and rehabilitation in May 2015. A call is being sent out to all government and NGOs personnel to share their experiences and suggest ways to take this project to all major cities of Pakistan.

2nd February, 2015

5 children at Lahore centre have been selected for schooling as they have shown interest and potential and want to continue with schooling. We are trying and working on providing grants for these children.

28th January, 2015

Lahore CPRT centre distributed sweaters for the winter to the children in an event where the children's families were invited to come to the centre and join in. The event can be seen on the uploaded video1, video 2 and video 3.

25th January, 2015

Uploaded a video depicting a sample of daily learning at Lahore CPRT centre.

21st January, 2015

Today our charity got registered with UK Charity Commission and our registration number is 1160070. Thanks to all our supporters and sponsors.

7th January, 2015

With cold winter at its peak sweaters and woolen caps were disturbed among children at Child Protection Center Wazir Colony, Peshawar, KPK, Pakistan.


27th December, 2014

Child Protection Project is a vision to rehabilitate destitute children in the streets of Pakistan to a normal happy childhood with prospects of a bright future.

CPP took 12 children of the right age group from its three centers in Peshawar for an excursion and awareness trip of Lahore on the 21 - 25 Nov, 2014. Here are some of the pictorial glimpses of the trip. Children included were Murad, Abdullah, Abdul Haseeb, Faisal Khan and others.

Children feedback was - "We saw those things in real which we used to see in pictures. Seeing Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort, Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore Zoo etc was like a dream becoming reality." Well done CPP Team! You are the true heroes of these children.

18th December, 2014

The children of Child Protection Project lit candles to Pay Homage to Children Martyred in Army Public School Peshawar. They are vowing to Keep light of Knowledge brighter and brighter.

17th December, 2014

Children from the Lahore CPRT centre were taken to McDonald's as treat for their hard work and commitment to the program. The children have worked hard as they do their daily chores and then some of them walk a mile or two to get to the centre to have fun and learn. We hope they had a good time in McDonald's with the live magic program and fast food, the photos and video suggests they did!

7th December, 2014

CPRT distributed hygiene kits to 40 children in Lahore centre on 7th of December. The photos and report are in the respective sections on the website.

25th November, 2014

CPP took 12 children of the right age group from its three centers in Peshawar for an excursion and awareness trip of Lahore on the 21 - 25 Nov, 2014. Here are some of the pictorial glimpses of the trip. Children included were Murad, Abdullah, Abdul Haseeb, Faisal Khan and others. Children feedback was - "We saw those things in real which we used to see in pictures. Seeing Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort, Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore Zoo etc was like a dream becoming reality." Well done CPP Team! You are the true heroes of these children.

24th November, 2014

Dr Azhar Iqbal, one of my dear friends and Kemcolian class fellow kindly visited the child protection centre in lahore during his personal visit to the city. It is this commitment that we are looking for to inspire the children and use our experiences to guide them in the right direction. Whatever time we can spare here or when we visit Pakistan will be great. He also kindly donated some funds directly to the centre. Thank you friend.

10th November, 2014

A new child protection centre in Rana Town, Lahore will start soon helping 100 children made to work on garbage dumps and streets. The survey has been complete and further arrangements are being made to start the centre.

5th November, 2014

Mrs Ahmad on her family visit to Pakistan attended the centre and spent time with the children teaching and playing educational games and shared her teaching experiences with the teacher. She took with her educational toys and games and introduced new teaching styles, which the children enjoyed. She found the children to be delightful and very keen to learn and enjoy, with some naughty ones. We are grateful that she was able to give her preciuos time for the children on more than 2 ocassions. We hope every one who visits Lahore will do the same.

2 November, 2014

On 26th October CPRT distributed educational kits to our children in Lahore child protection centre. The children were delighted. The photos from the occassion and the report can be viewed in the respective sections of this website.


31st October, 2014

Great news!!!

The Charity Commission, UK has accepted CPRT's application to be registered as a charity. We have to make an amendment and send back a copy of the amendment following which we will be registered and receive our charity registration number.

Thank you all for your continued support.


1st October 2014
Child Protection and Rehabilitation Trust (CPRT) inaugurated a new centre in Lahore a few months ago and is now fully functional with 35 children attending the centre daily where they are involved in educational, recreational and vocational activities all at the same time. Having installed CCTV and microphones in the centre, we can now watch and listen to all their activities while sitting here in UK. Children went for a picnic a week ago and we will Insha’Allah share the pictures soon.
CPRT Lahore has agreed to open another centre for 100 children in the city. A site with 1000 poor families has been identified and hopefully in 8 to 10 weeks’ time we will Insha’Allah be operational.
Uniforms donated by Mr Shehreyar Khan of Attock/Sheffield for the children of CPRT in Peshawar have arrived and hopefully CPRT children will soon be coming to CPRT CENTREs in proper uniform.
We hope to distribute 'qurbani' meat among CPRT children in Peshawar.
Half of the funds for year 2014-2015 will be transferred today and the remaining half will be deposited in Dec 2014.
We request all our friends to remember CPRT in their prayers.


11 September 2014
Yesterday our star child of `Wazirbagh CPRT centre` Faisal Khan along with his younger sister were admitted into a first class private school after being interviewed by Mrs Ambreen Khan who is their sponsor as well. CPRT is very happy with the progress on this front as more children will be streamlined into formal education in good schools with passage of time.
The CPRT `swimmers` are going daily for their swimming lessons to Qayyum Stadium Sports Complex Peshawar. Hopefully we will share their pictures soon. Children are so keen that they line up half an hour before their due time for swimming lessons.


8 September 2014
How did I come to know him is irrelevent. This is the story of Gul Haider who narrated it to me on my insistence. And I am sharing it with you with his permission as I think it is people like Gul Haider who should be the role models for our children rather than those born with silver spoon in their mouth. So hear it in his own words:

"I entered practical life as a child. When I was in 8th class I started selling `kabaar` after collecting it from garbage dumps so that I can pay for my school expenses and help my father looking after our family. My father was a driver with a very small income. At the same time I would find time to play cricket in a local club as game of cricket is my passion to the extent of madness. During summer holidays I would sell `sharbat` on a `rairha`. After finishing Matriculation Exams I started working as a `chowkidar` in a social welfare organisation. I learnt a lot during this time and the experience of these days helped me a lot in the coming years of my life. After a year as a `chowkidar` I was promoted to become the incharge of the night shift in the same organisation. With time I came across an opportunity of working as the MD of another small organisation. Having worked for 2 years as the MD the total running of that organisation was handed over to me. This all became possible because of my relentless hard work and Allah accepting my hard work and rewarding me more than I actually deserved. While doing all this I continued supporting my family as well. We are 5 brothers and 2 sisters. I accepted the responsibility of educating my brothers and sisters. Alhamdulillah I was able to send one of my brothers abroad for higher education.Once becoming somewhat stable financially, I rented a building to start a hospital (partially charitable) . The whole team worked very hard day and night and thanks to Allah the hospital is now established on firm grounds providing good basic medical and surgical care for routine health problems via a very competent and dedicated team which is also supported by specialist doctors who come over as volunteers. While this was happening I laid the foundation of Youth Gleam Welfare Organization. This organisation helps Thelassemia, Heamophilia and blood cancer patients. The organisation also covers blood donation/transfusion emergencies. Today I am the owner of a hospital in front of which few years ago I used to sell `sharbat` on a `rairhi`. On many occasions my education got interrupted but I never gave up. I have done Bachelor in Political Science as a private student. I am planning to continue doing Masters in International Relations (IR). Whatever I am today is because of the unrelenting determination and hard work I put in. I am very grateful to Allah. Allah by His mighty Grace has protected me all my life from ever spreading my hand in front of anyone else asking for help. I think everyone of us is born into certain circumstances and our test is to change those circumstances for better."

If anyone interested in the contact details of Gul Haider I will be happy to pass it on to them. Gul Haider will be talking to the CPP children about his life and is keen to become part of CPP.


6 September 2014
We started Child Protection Project (CPP) two years back. We are only ten friends but we believed in a dream and a vision - every child is entitled to a happy normal childhood. No child should spend his childhood on a garbage dump looking for his next meal in a heap of garbage. We started with one center and 50 children. Now we have 200 children. The great news is that a noble lady in Peshawar with her friends in Spain and Continent have pulled 15 children from one center (sponsored by Mr Zafarullah Khan of BRAINS Institute), 5 each from the other 2 centers in Peshawar and got them admissions into private schools sponsoring their full educations in the private sector. These children were selected after 1 hour interview and aptitude assessment tests. Twelve other children were entered into the national swimming team trials at the Qayyum Stadium Sports Complex, Peshawar. Nine out 12 were selected and the swimming coaches are very confident that at least 6 of these 9 children will make it into their respective age group teams provincially and hopefully nationally. When I rang the other day to check the progress of CPP with Mr Mushtaq Khan, he was was enjoying `polao` in Saddar with these children who after their swimming lessons felt hungry and asked Mushtaq if they could have `polao` meal on their way back. Our center in Lahore sponsored by Dr Aftab Ahmed from Liverpool and established in his father (Dr Munir Ahmed) institute is under going an exciting experiment with children being taught and monitored by CCTV. It was truly amazing when Dr Munir Ahmed was watching the children`s daily activities via SKYPE sitting in Liverpool on his visit to his son Dr Aftab. Twelve children from the 3 centers in Peshawar went on a summer camp in Mansehra for a week. All the children now have a regular uniform, their classes are more structured and a special syllabus has been designed for them.

When I personally look at the transformation of these children I realize that miracles still happen but someone has to believe in them and make them happen. I am certain, inshaAllah, Child Protection Project (CPP) will be one such miracle, which when our team of friends look back at, we will wonder how the heck this all happened ???

Allah executes His will through His slaves who are willing to offer themselves to be used by Him as His instruments.


4 September 2014
This is where CPP is trying to make difference. Watch this Channel 4 documentary filmed in the very city Peshawar where CPP is running three centers for these very children. These children need our help and protection desperately. First watch the documentary then we shall share with you the recent most progress report of the children of CPP which will give all of us a hope that we can do something for them:


22 August 2014
Child Protection Project
Summer Camp August 2014
Pictorial Highlights
CPP arranged a 3 day summer camp for the children attending CPC in scenic District of Mansehra, KPK, Pakistan. Children had lots of educational and recreational activities during the summer camp


24 July 2014
Dr Furhan Razzaq has contributed £150. May he be rewarded where he needs it most. Amin!

24 July 2014
Dr Sayeda Saira Ijaz and Dr Hashim Mohammad from US kindly donated $300/. The couple has been making regular donations otherwise as well. May they and their families remain blessed. Amin!

24 July 2014
Ramadan Fund Raising so far for the year Oct 2014 - Oct 2015:

- Public Health Agency N Ireland £1200/
- Dr T Irshad £400/
- Mr T Gul £100/
- Mr Altaf Rabbani £6000/
- Dr Usman Shiekh £500/
- Dr Omar Sheikh £1000/
- Dr AQ Khattak £2500/
- Dr M Sartaj £300/
- Dr Ayyaz Asghar £120/

Grand Total so far £12120/


21 July 2014
CPP is trying in a very humble and small capacity to create a model for a change at the grass root level inculcating hope and happiness in the lives of these children, who otherwise will hardly ever feel living a life. Life for these children is a constant struggle to survive. Happy and full of hope children will make our whole society a happy and hopeful society. Please, do not underestimate the dream of CPP. Spread hope and happiness.........


20 July 2014
Some of us are more blessed than others.

Altaf Rabbani Sahib from Doha has made a very generous donation of £6000/ for CPP. May Allah bless him, his children and rest of his family and friends. Indeed it is the legacy we leave behind which truly matters. Quran mentions the same fact by saying:

'Verily, We give life to the dead, and We record that which they send before (them) and their traces (what they leave behind). And all things We have counted up (as a record) in a clear Book.' [surah Yasin; verse 12]

Our legacy, good or bad, continue to benefit or harm us depending on its nature after we have left this earthly life. Let us pray we all leave behind a legacy which continues to benefit us after we have passed away. Amin!


16 July 2014
Tomorrow will be the distribution of Ramadan Food Package among the families of CPP children. The day after children will have an Iftar Party around the swimming pool of Shahi Bagh in Peshawar. They will have a swimming competition and water sports before the Iftar.

CPP is very grateful to Miss Ambareen who has started regular English classes for the children of CPC at Brains Institute Peshawar. Every day all the children come 30 minutes before the scheduled time to attend this extra class.

Arrangements have been finalised for the Summer Camp for 10 children from CPP. One camp is arranged in collaboration with "afaaq" and another with "bazm e shaheen", both local organisations for disadvantaged children of Peshawar. Both camps will be for a week duration.


7 July 2014
Ramadan food package worth Rs 2,87,000/ will be distributed among the children of CPP during an Iftar Party this week when children will be entertained with fun and games as well.

The other good news is that Fund Raising for the Year 2014-2015 is going well. Though we admit, it is somewhat slow compared to last year this time. We need to generate Rs3m. We have alhamdulillah reached almost halfway mark. Details will be circulated soon.

Children of CPP are doing well, to extent that they sometimes are an inspiration to their teachers for the hard word and resilience they show in-spite of the adversity of the circumstances of their birth.

Please, come forward and help us in spreading awareness about the plight of these children. Together we can truly transform lives. Go through the pages of CPP FaceBook Page and you will see the difference you can make.


2 July 2014
Dr T Irshad has donated £400/
Mr T Gul has donated £100/

May the Creator of all the known and all the unknown bless them both. Amin!


29 June 2014
CPP Fundraising for the year 2014-2015 starts this Ramadan with a bang:
Dr Muhammad Sartaj (consultant in Public Health Belfast) receiving a cheque for £1200/ from Dr Caroline Harper (Director Public Health Agency, N Ireland) and Dr Janet Little (Assist Director Public Health Agency, N Ireland)


18 June 2014
CPP`s star child Master Abdullah has secured 394 marks out of 550 in the 9th class exams which puts him in A Grade. As Abdullah is among the older children of CPP so he is the first child to appear in 9th class exam. CPP feels very proud yet humbled for this great achievement.

18 June 2014
Two great news:

CPP`s star child Master Abdullah has secured 394 marks out of 550 in the 9th class exams which puts him in A Grade. As Abdullah is among the older children of CPP so he is the first child to appear in 9th class exam. CPP feels very proud yet humbled for this great achievement. Hopefully we will be posting photograph of his smiling face very soon inshaAllah,

There are six students among CPP children who are in class 8, 9 and 10. Arrangements have been made for them to attend a summer camp school which is organised only for this age group by Afaq Foundation. This camp will be for a week in Khanaspur this summer. The summer camp school is about leadership and life skills blended with lots of recreational activities.

Details of summer camp school with photographs will be posted in due course.


1 June 2014
Ramadan is alhamdulillah approaching fast.

Last Ramadan CPP distributed `Ramadan Food Package` and new clothes and shoes for Eid among the children of CPP.

This year as well, Mr Shehreyar Khan of Sheffield UK has very kindly arranged for `New Eid Clothes` for all the children of CPP. May Allah reward him and his family for his generosity. Amin!

CPP will be inshaAllah organizing for the food package and new shoes in due course.

CPP will keep you updated....


20 May 2014
Main purpose of this Forum is to increase awareness about the heart breaking problem of Garbage Collecting Street Children in the streets our motherland.

We can help by just spreading the message among our families and friends. We can contribute by just refusing to accept this as a norm. How can we accept a child picking up his meal or livelihood from a garbage dump as something normal?

These children are not just shadows in the background of our lives. These are real children living the best time of their lives on garbage dumps. The least we can do is to say 'NO MORE' to this.


19 May 2014
Peshawar and people of KPK has proved once again that come whatever they are the world champions of hospitality and this is their historical honour which no one can even try to take from them.

Our national heroes Street Children Football Team were left speechless after their 3 days visit to KPK. Right from the Chief Executive of the Province to the 150 children of CPP could not do enough to honour and facilitate the 18 members delegation of the Street Children Football Team from Karachi. Each child of the Football Team received Rs 200,000/ in total as prize money and many other gifts and trophies during different ceremonies taking place over the three days.

This visit took the public and media attention by storm and the issue of Street Children in Pakistan was highlighted as never before. KPK Govt has officially declared Street Children of KPK as "State's Children".

We will soon, inshaAllah, share the video of all the events taking place from15th to 18th May.
CPP is grateful to the Almighty for the help and thankful to all the stakeholders of the event for a great job done.


16 May 2014
Newspaper clip ahead of recently concluded Street Children Football team visit to Peshawar, KPK
"The tour has been organised by Brains Institute, Azad Foundation, Child Protection Project, Child Protection & Welfare Commission, Department of Elementary & Secondary Education, Social Welfare Department. The Tourism Corporation Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (TCKP) is also a major sponsor of the visit."

Play for your right: Peshawar welcomes street children football team ‘to the land of hospitality’
Campai­gn’s theme is to highli­ght plight of street childr­en, inspir­e youth.


16 May 2014
Street Children Football Team of Pakistan won Bronze Medal in the recently held Street Children World Cup visited C.M. House Peshawar, KPK. Child Protection Project team is actively participating in this visit, here some pictures of the visit.

16 May 2014
Dear All,

Thank you so much for becoming part of a CHANGE INITIATIVE. We as a team are striving to create role models from the absolute destitute of our society. Please, scroll down the page and watch different documentaries about the activities of CPP over the past 18 months. You will be pleasantly surprised how rapidly we have grown and progressed by the grace of Allah and your caring support.

Our little heroes had a fantastic day in Abbottabad yesterday. They were received this morning at Sawabi Interchange of M1 by CPP Team and CPP children along with Elementary & Secondary Education Dept KPK officials. They had a reception and lunch hosted at the farmhouse of famous Major (Rtd) Aamir. The Champs then in the company of children of CPP proceeded towards Peshawar. They were received by the President and members of Chamber of Commerce & Business at the House of Commerce & Business KPK. Faisal Khan of Wazirbagh CPC was given an award of Rs 1000/ by the President of the Chamber for singing beautifully the emotionally charged 'lub pa aatee hey dua bun k tammanah mairey'. From here the Champion Team and CPP children went to attend a reception at the Chief Minister House KPK. It was a thrilling experience for all the children who were shown around the Chief Minister House and had tea with the Minister. Chief Minister KPK Mr Pervaiz Khattak announced Rs 100,000/ for each player of the Bronze Medal winning team members of Pakistan Street Children Football Team. He also donated Rs 200,000/ towards the hospitality fund of these children. At the moment the Street Children Football Team, members of Azad Foundation, children of CPP and cabinet members of KPK cabinet are getting ready to attend a grand 'mushaairah' to be held on the grounds of historical and beautiful Islamia College University hosted by the Vice Chancellor of the University in the honour of the guests. It promises to be a grand function attended by hundreds of guest from all sections of the society.

CPP is bringing hearts and minds of KPK together. May Allah bless these efforts, amin!

15 May



7 May
The good news is that our children in the 4 CPCs are doing well. Now they are more into formal education. They are eagerly awaiting the visit of the Street Children World Cup Football Competition bronze medalist team to arrive in Peshawar. Arrangements have been made for the Champs first to go on a visit to Pakistan Military Academy Kakul, Abbottabad on the 15/05/14 where they will be received by the young cadets and shown around. The team will be in Peshawar from 16/05/14 to 18/05/14. A range of activities have been arranged involving childen of CPP and the Champion Team. Details with video to follow.


24 April 2014
MOU - Child Protection Project, Lahore, Pakistan (5 photos)
We are very excited and overwhelm to inform you that on 24th April at 11.30 am (PST) a signing of MOU Ceremony between AKF Punjab & CPRS for the establishment of Child Protection Center of 50 garbage collection children at Sabzazar Lahore h... See More
 — inLahore, Pakistan.

Child Protection Project's photo.

Child Protection Project's photo.

Child Protection Project's photo.

Child Protection Project's photo.


28 March 2014
Humanitarian Success Story – Life Changed

14 year old “Murad Khan”, whose father is lying in bed because of broken backbone in an accident. To meet the basic need of his family (Mother, 5 Sisters and 2 Brothers) the responsibility fallen down on the innocent shoulders of Murad Khan. Having the desire to get educated, Murad Khan started to collect stuffs from scrapyards and garbage & to sell for to fulfill the needs of his family.
Meanwhile “Team of Alkhidmat Child Protection Center” guided and invite him to attend daily Child Protection Center from 2:00 pm to 4:00 Pm to get educated and he became regular/disciplined student of CPC.
In response to the heartiest desire of Murad, under Alkhidmat Rozgar Program (Microfinance) Alkhidmat Foundation provided him PKR 30,000 as loan to buy Donkey Cart to earn with self-respect for his family.
That day was full of joy and happiness for him as on first day he earned PKR 400 from 10:00 am to 2:00 Pm. He distributed his first income as below:
PKR 200: To Mother/Dad
PKR 100: To bought food items for his Donkey
PKR 100: To return installment to Alkhidmat Team
The life has been changed as he stopped his small brother from collecting stuffs in scrapyards & garbage and enrolled him with Tailor Master to learn tailoring skill. In the next 4 days he paid the loan taken from the owner of Garbage Godam (Selling Point).
He took on tour and visit all his fellow students in his Donkey Cart, his fellows were flying with joy.
He with his brother and fellows regularly attend Alkhidmat Child Protection Center to change his life through education. All his family praying for the whole Team of Alkhidmat and Donor of the Alkhidmat Child Protection Project. — with Muhammad Naeem Khan and 20 others.


15 March · 2014
The following is the programme for the event on the 28/03/14:
"Reach for the Stars" Under auspices of the Child Protection Project,
Alkhidmat Foundation & BRAINS
1. Event : Welcome party for the new students
2. Title : Reach For The Stars
3. Venue: BRAINS College
4. Date/Time :3pm, Friday March 28th, 2014
5. Proposed Activities:
Welcome ceremony ( guest will be received by Mr. Zafar Ullah Khan, CEO Brains and members of Alkhidmat foundation) and would be taken to principal’s office in case they arrived early or needed to briefed about this event.
a. Presenting bouquet to the guest of honour by CPC students at the entrance of the hall.
b. Announcer/Host: Introduction (Mrs. Mallika Khaliq)
c. Tilawat (student)
d. Naat (Student)
e. Documentary regarding CPC
f. Welcome address (Mr. Zafarullah Khan)
g. Skit (Students)
h. Poem/ milli naghma (Students)
i. Lab pe Ati hai Dua ban kay (performance)
j. Students sharing their goals and aims and their experiences with the audience.
k. Key Note Address by IG Ihsan Ghani,Director General, National Police Bureau
l. Presenting gifts to the participants by guest of honour.( might be a pack of copies or drawing books with colour pencils and chocolates)
m. Presenting shield to the guest of honor (Mr. Ihsan Ghani)
n. Vote of thanks (Representative of the Alkhidmat Foundation )
o. National Anthem/Closing.
p. Group photos
q. Refreshment - at the end of the event (tea) menu still have to decide.
r. For the students refreshment will be served in the hall and for the guests tea will be served at the principal’s office.
6. Participants: From all the 3 centers
7. Guest of Honor : Mr. Ihsan Ghani, IGP
8. Guest List : would be prepared by all three centers.
Total Strength: 200 (130 students, 70 guests, staff and parents only of BRAINS center students)
9. Mrs. Mallika Khaliq would interact and initiate rehearsals of the CPC brain center and event announcer.
10. Mr. Ihsan Ghani’s Speech: should it be written by himself
11. Photography : Alkhidmat foundation.
12. Logistics: Alkhidmat foundation.
13. Combine rehearsals: 23rd march onwards .
14. Interior of the Event ,Internal advertisements and invitation cards: Ms. Shoala BRAINS
15. Invitation cards to Khyber union of Journalism, Alkhidmat foundation, Brains institute and Rotary International (new city).
16. Performance costumes need to be arranged. The uniforms for students of brains center is arranged by Alkhidmat foundation and navy/ dark blue waistcoat for all the students as a dress code.
17. Ms. Madiha Saleem will coordinate all the center activities and the entire event.
The next meeting will be held on Monday 17 march to finalize the program contents.


24 February 2014
Dear CPP Team! I had a chat with Mr Ihsan Ghani (saabqah IGP KPK, now MD of Police Foundation Pakistan). He has kindly agreed to visit CPP and spend some time with the children talking to them to inspire them and see how he can help and guide those children of CPP who are interested in going into police service when they turn 18 years of age. Mr Ihsan Ghani can come at 3 to 4 days of notice. I think we should organize a proper function at BRAINS Institute where we should bring all the children from the three CPCs to meet Mr Ihsan Ghani and his team, talk to them and feel motivated to be like them when they grow up. BRAINS staff may be invited as well. The function should have some presentations by the children. We can arrange a small `guard of honour` parade by the children for the guest of honour. Let us make this a memorable event for the children of the three CPCs. What does the CPP team think?


4 February 2014
Today, 04/02/14, the number of children attending CPC at BRAINS was 25. They were received by Mr Zafarullah Khan, Mr Mushtaq Khan and two lady teachers along with the rest of BRAINS staff. They first had tea party having snacks, confectionary and cold and hot drinks. Children were very excited. Mr Zafarullah Khan has promised them a smart uniform and each child to be sponsored by a faculty member of BRAINS.

Dear Good People! We are now inshaAllah at the verge of a major break through to be able to serve these children even in a better manner. All praise is due only to Allah.


3 February 2014
Today, on the 03/02/2014, thirteen children had their first taste of CPC hospitality at CPP`s newest centre opened on the grounds of the BRAINS Institute, Hayatabad, Peshawar. Well done Mushtaq Khan and Zafarullah Khan, may you be rewarded by the Lord for your relentless dedication and sincerity. Amin!

It was a chilly afternoon as it had rained heavily in Peshawar this morning. Children came in a state that the BRAINS staff was somewhat taken aback. However, once the children had a proper wash followed by a warm welcome and tea and snacks they looked completely different and totally transformed which made the BRAINS staff appreciate the work which CPP does. Children spent three enjoyable hours listening to brief introduction of CPP programme and familiarizing themselves with the new environment. When leaving each child promised to bring a sibling or a friend tomorrow as now they knew what CPP is about. We hope to have have our 50 children for the CPC at BRAINS within the next 4 weeks inshaAllah.

Will share with you the pictorial presentation of this new CPC soon inshaAllah.


19 January 2014
Today 38 children from Wazirbagh CPC went for a picnic to Tatara Park Hayatabad. It is amazing that none of these 38 children had ever been to that part of Peshawar which is the North end of the city and Wazirbagh is at the South end of Peshawar. The children had a match of cricket, played tennis, had a rack sac race, `rassa kashi` match and balloon bursting compition. They had `chicken biryani` for lunch and oranges and soft drinks as well. The children were so so happy and enjoyed the day to the full. Imagine a child who has never been to a park to play with his friend and CPP made that happen for him. Well done CPP Team! May your effort be granted the acceptance by the Almighty. Amin!


19 January 2014
Picnic Wazirbagh CPC, Peshawar (45 photos)
38 children from Wazirbagh CPC went for a picnic to Tatara Park Hayatabad. It is amazing that none of these 38 children had ever been to that part of Peshawar which is the North end of the city and Wazirbagh is at the South end of Peshawar. The children had a match of cricket, played tennis, had a rack sac race, `rassa kashi` match and balloon bursting competition. They had `chicken biryani` for lunch and oranges and soft drinks as well. The children were so so happy and enjoyed the day to the full. Imagine a child who has never been to a park to play with his friend and CPP made that happen for him. Well done CPP Team! May your effort be granted the acceptance by the Almighty. Amin! — at Hayatabad


16 January 2014
It is with great pleasure we announce that CPP will soon have its centre up and running IN Lahore as well courtesy of Dr Aftab Ahmed (consultant diabetes & endocrinology, Liverpool UK ). Preliminary work is almost complete and it is now left for the survey and starting the CPC in Lahore.


24 December 2013
CPP Celebrates One Year of its inception
On October 29, 2013 Child Protection Project completed one year since its inception in October of 2013. CPP celebrated its success by hosting a gathering at Pearl Continental Peshawar, KPK, Pakistan. The gathering was attended by community leaders, prominent educationist, provincial politicians and cabinet members of KPK province and current and retired civil servants.

The chief guests of the occasion were the children who attended Child Protection Center regularly. Here are some pictorial glimpses of the occasion.


16 December 2013
Naat & Speech competition (13 photos)
Naat & Speech competition between children of 27 schools of Khyber Education Programme during the week of December 02, 2013 in which children of CPP participated as well. The 3rd and 4th prizes were won by Faisal Khan and Mohibullah Khan of CPP, well done both CPP students and teachers!!!


24 November 2013
CPP Celebrates One Year of its inception
On October 29, 2013 Child Protection Project completed one year since its inception in October of 2013. CPP celebrated its success by hosting a gathering at Pearl Continental Peshawar, KPK, Pakistan. The gathering was attended by community leaders, prominent educationist, provincial politicians and cabinet members of KPK province and current and retired civil servants.

The chief guests of the occasion were the children who attended Child Protection Center regularly. Here are some pictorial glimpses of the occasion.


5 October 2013
Murad is now 15 years old. He joined CPP a year ago when he was found by CPP team collecting garbage on a dump site. His father has sustained back injury and bed ridden. Marad has five sister and two brothers. He is the eldest and the sole earner of the family. After joining CPP and attending CPC regularly he proved himself to be a very hard working and honest young boy with a dream to get educated but also to support his family. After careful analysis of his situation CPP agreed to buy Murad a donkey cart as per his wish so he could enhance his earning capacity on the condition that he will continue with his studies attending CPC daily and pay back the interest free loan to CPP . A total of Rs 30,000/ were invested as micro-financing. Murad earned Rs 450/ the first day giving Rs 200/ to his mother, buying `chara` for his donkey with Rs100/, kept Rs 50 as pocket money and the rest he deposited with CPP as loan payment. Murad earned Rs750/ the second day and Rs900/ on third day. He has now stopped his younger brother, Nawab, from garbage collection and has arranged for him to become an apprentice at a tailoring shop. Nawab also attends CPC regularly. Murad is determined to pay back the loan to CPP within a year. And CPP has promised him that if Murad does pay back the loan before time, CPP will provide further interest free loan to buy a warehouse for him so he can slowly build a business on a bigger scale. Murad`s mother, father and his other siblings now look up to Murad as a new hope for a better life. CPP team thank Allah and then all the supporters of CPP who made this small miracle possible.


23 September 2013
Second Centre is up and running. Even before the official inauguration 40 children have got registered. It is a very nice facility provided free of charge to CPP by Mr Iftikhar Khan who owns the school. We have almost finalised renting of a place for the Third Centre as well. The spirits of the CPP team are high and they are now more sure than ever before about the mission they have before them - working relentlessly to change the lives of 150 children over the years to come who otherwise had no chance. May God be their Guide and Helper. Amin !
9 September 2013
Yesterday we were out for a meal as a farewell party to Mr Ehsan Bhhaat (Council General, Pakistan Councilate Manchester) from APPS UK. CPP was introduced as well on the occasion. Two good things happened - i) FAMS UK (Financial Assistance to Medical Students) a charity run by Dr Aamir Ayub (consultant cardiologist) for the financial support to the poor medical students in Pakistan who cannot afford to pay their fee, offered CPP that if any of the CPP children in fullness of time qualified for admission into a medical school FAMS UK will pay the full fee for five years of the medical course. ii) Another group of well to do Pakistanis expressed keen interest into knowing further about CPP and hopefully supporting it fully if all went well. Let us keep our fingers crossed for all these good intentions to become realities in fullness of time.


4 September 2013
Two more centres with even better facilities and 100 more children getting their childhood back thanks to Allah and then to all of you. Now by the end of this month we would have restored 150+ children from the streets and garbage dumps of Peshawar to normal happy childhood. Soon will be sharing with all of you more information and pictorial visit to the the new CPCs. Negotiations with KPK department of primary education in process with regard to allowing CPP to use govt primary school Wazir Bagh Yakkatoot after school time for 3 hours. Spread the message and be part of a change at the true grass root level.
16 August 2013
CPP Celebrated Pakistan Independence Day (15 photos)
Children at Child Protection Center celebrated Pakistan Independence day on August 14, 2013 with great enthusiasm, here are the highlights of the celebration
11 August 2013
We have received donations through PayPal from Australia to UK to USA, this is very encouraging for the CPP team for the recognition of its efforts by global community. Please continue to donate by visiting PayPal using link below:


7 August 2013
Child Protection Center
Peshawar Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
AUGUST, 2013

7 August 2013
Shehreyar Khan £900/
Taimoor Gul£200/
Dr Momi Gul QAR500+
Mahvish Khalil and Adnan Hafeez QAR2000
Aneera Ali and Shabber Ali QAR500
Dr Farhan Razzaq £100/
Dr Usman Sheikh £1000/
Esa Trust Fund Ltd £500/
Dr Mohammad Zahin £100/
Dr Ayyaz Asghar £100/
Dr S Anjum £645/
2 other doctors £500/each
Col Ashfaaq Javaid Rs 70,000/
Dr Kamran Khan Rs 100,000/

Grand Total (adjusted) so far £6300/

We are waiting for some more gentle souls to contribute further....alhamdulillah we are inching towards our target.


25 July 2013
Ramadan Food Package - July, 2013
CPP provided Ramadan Food Package to Street Children and their families. CPP would like to thank CPP staff for the hard work and our generous donors who all made this possible, here is brief video of the gathering. — at Gulbahar


9 July 2013
Child Protection Project Excursion
Takht Bahi Buddhist monastery (UNESCO World Heritage Site) & Mardan Museum, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
MAY, 2013 — at Mardan, Takhat Bahi


8 July 2013
If you like to donate to CPP using credit card you can use safe and secure PayPal method by using link below:
Thanks in advance for your support.


6 July 2013
We working towards designing official website of CPP and hope to make it live in coming weeks.


30 June 2013
New CPC Survey 06202013
" If we can save even only one child from among these we think we would have done well. From tiny seeds grow might oak trees. Every great man or a woman was once a child.Our aim is creation of inspiration out of hopelessness. The future of our war torn motherland is children. If we wish for a bright future of our land we have to ensure the bright future of these children." Altaf Qadir - Founder, CPP
CPP team is working towards 2nd Children Protection Center, this brief video shows work in progress.


25 June 2013
Today tailor came to take measurements of the children for their Eid clothes. This was a donation by Shehreyar Khan of Sheffield. The CPP is then arranging for the children to have new "chapliyyan" (sandals) as well to go with the Eid clothes. It will be the first Eid of these children with CPP and we wish to make it a memorable one for them. During Ramadan the CPC will continue with its daily routine inshaAllah.

This all is possible because there are people like Shehreyar Khan and others who believe in SHARING. It is the will to share which make us feel rich. It is the inner richness of oneself which enables one to be prepared to share though onrs material richness may be far less than ones inner riches. On the contrary, a materially rich person may suffer from inner poverty which stops him from sharing because he feels poor.

May the Lord of creation bless us with inner richness and protects us from the poverty of heart. Amin !


19 May 2013
Big Day : Sunday the 26th of May is going to be a big day for the children of CPP. They will be, inshaAllah going on their first field trip outside Peshawar. CPP team has arranged a trip for the children to the `world heritage site` of Takht Bai near Mardan. There are some wonderful ruins of stupas and a monastery of Buddah`s time in Takh Bai. The managers of the ruins
are friends with CPP team and are planning to make the trip a memorable one for the children. CPP will hopefully share a video of the trip with this forum on facebook, inshaAllah.

Tomorrow children will watch a documentary and cartoon films in the multi media centre of `aghoosh` as a part of their weekly time table.

Now the children have started choosing the menu of food/drink for the next day by themselves. The children have also volunteered that as they get what they want, they are happy to return the favour by completing one task each day set out for them by the CPC team. Hence, the children and CPC team have struck a win-win deal. Well done to everyone.....


19 April 2013
Below is the link to pictures of CPP Annual Distribution Prize Ceremony


4 April 2013
Dr Sajjad Ahmed of Manchester has kindly donated GBS100/. May Allah accept his generosity and kindness. Amin!


30 March 2013
The plan is to have two more centres in other parts of Peshawar city where concentration of these children is high as well. Provisionally we have chosen Saddar/Cantt area and University Town/Hayatabad area. This will give us centres at the Eastend, Centre and Westend of Peshawar.

It is not the kingdom which matters. It is the king's vision for the kingdom which is crucial.
We truly wish to give these children a vision which is totally different from their current reality. We hope that by changing their thinking we will be able to change their future reality.


29 March 2013
On March 28, 2013, 35 children of CPP were taken out on a day trip. The trip began with a visit to Peshawar Museum at 10:30 am. Children had a guided tour of the museum. They had lectures about Gandahara Civilisation, history of Buddhism in KhyberPukhtoonkhwa and history of Islam in the region. Then they went to Tatara Park Hayatabad where they played for 3 hours and had their lunch over there. Later, they came to `aaghosh` center where the children watched a wonderful documentary about the achievements of street children of `al khair school`. All in all, children had a very enjoyable yet very educating day out. Their keen and sharp questions were very much reflecting their interest in the whole process and also their desire to learn.


28 March 2013
Our friend Mr Bridgewood of Skelmersdale, Lancashire has put into place a standing order for regular monthly donation into APPS UK account for the CPP. Being "humane" has nothing to do with colour, creed and country. Thanks you once again Mr Bridgewood. We wish there were many like you in the world which then would definitely be a better place to live....


22 March 2013
Dr Shah Faisal from Australia has donated GBP £200/ and inshaAllah will be paying regular monthly donation through PayPal system as well. May Allah accept his generosity. Amin !

We request all our friends to start thinking about using the PayPal for a small but regular monthly donation which hopefully will come to a tangible amount each year so we have enough funds for the next year and also some for further expension and development of the project. Thanking you all and may God bless you all. Amin !


13 March 2013
Mr Shehreyar Khan of Sheffield UK arranged for the children`s uniform for CPC. The first batch of 30 children, as you can see in the picture recieved their tailored made uniforms today. The second batch of children will be getting their uniform hopefuly tomorrow. The children will soon have their ID badges for the CPC as well. Please, look at the change in the body language of these children. I saw them 3 months ago, they now do not seem to be the same children. We shall make them feel valued and loved. — in Peshawar, Pakistan.

13 March 2013
Dear All,

Mr Shehreyar Khan of Sheffield UK arranged for the children`s uniform for CPC. The first batch of 30 children, as you can see in the picture recieved their tailored made uniforms today. The second batch of children will be getting their uniform hopefuly tomorrow. The children will soon have their ID badges for the CPC as well. Please, look at the change in the body language of these children. I saw them 3 months ago, they now do not seem to be the same children. We shall make them feel valued and loved.

A word about Mr Shehreyar: This gentleman has truly got the heart and mind of a king. He was the first to donate for the project when the concept was concieved and he has not stopped since. He has the burning desire to make a difference in the life of these children. And putting my trust in the Grace of Allah I assure him that his dream will be realised. These children shall be salvaged from the dumps of garbage and they will live a comfortable responsible and respectable lives. InshaAllah !


12 March 2013
Change shall come. The one thing which is permanent in the universe is the process of change. Now it is for us to determine the direction of the change. Is the inevitable processs of change going to be for the better or for the worse. I say we put our heart and soul into shaping the change for better.


9 March 2013
CPP is a completely new idea - an idea that if we nurture a thought process in the minds of these destitute children which is absolutely different from their true reality we hopefully will change their reality as well.

We want these children to start thinking rich and happy. We hope that by thinking rich and happy they will actually grow into happy and rich adults inshaAllah.


8 March 2013
"How diverse!"

Abdullah and Murad are the two children you can see in the profile picture of CPP. Abdullah is the child smiling and wearing white cap right in the front and Murad is the one beside him scratching his ear and showing his watch. They are almost the same age and from same background. BUT they are two different individuals with completely different aspirations for their future.

Abdullah is extremely bright child going to a local Govt School. Is fluent in Urdu and can speak English. In the evenings sells `chappal` with his father till 10:00pm. Wants to become a Major in Pak Army. He is taking class 8 exams at the moment. He finished the two books I gave him in a week.

Murad collects garbage in the mornings and attend CPC in the afternoon. His dream is to have a `gaddha gari` (donkey cart) and make it big in waste disposal business which we call `kabaar ka karobar` in Pakistan.

Abdullah will inshaAllah be moved into the best nearby private school with the support of CPP for the next academic year. Also to get regular tutoring from the CPC team.

Murad`s parents have been involved. The CPP is willing to fulfill his dream by buying him `gaddha gari` and help him establish his business BUT he has to get into an agreement with the CPP that he will attend CPC daily, do his business according to the principles of hygiene and report his progress and accounts to the CPP regularly. If he fails to keep his part of the contract, CPP will take back his `Gaddha Gari`. `Stick and carrot` approach.........


3 March 2013
Dear All,

Street Children is a phenomenon across the globe. Please, clock on the link below and see how people like yourselves are making in difference in the lives of these children. Of more interest is the report of the Street Children Football Cup in Rio, Brazil in which a team of Street Children from Karachi is also participating under the banner of Azad Founation. For the inspiring read please click on the following:



3 March 2013
Mr John Bridgewood who initially donated GBS 200/ and a DVD player for the CPC has now offered to setup a regular monthly standing order into the APPSUK account for the CPP. We appreciate his kind heartedness. Altaf

1 March 2013
CPP team would like to thank you for showing your support by liking our page. We will provide regular updates regarding our activities. We are very proud of our hard working volunteers. We have high goals and to make a difference in the lives these children
we need your support.
Please donate generously via secure online PayPal payment system using the link below:

CPP is a project sponsored by APPS - UK. To know more about APPS please visit APPS website by using the link below:


26 February 2013


19 February 2013
Introduction to Child Protection Project