Our Partners

We are fortunate to have a dedicated group of patrons who have been donating a fixed monthly payment for a number of years. In addition, we have 2 internationally recognised organisations, Islamic Society of Statistical sciences (http://www.isoss.net/) and Al-Khidmat (http://al-khidmatfoundation.org/) working with us to help our children.

Our partner, Islamic Society of Statistical Sciences, are educationists, scientists and teachers with international reputations and who better to be around these children and to inspire them. They provide our children a class room, class room furniture and bills free of cost along with free administration support.

Our other partner, Al-Khidmat,is a national non-government charity organisation and is registered as a NGO under the Societies ACT XXI of 1860 charity organisation in Pakistan. It provides support to any other organization at home or abroad and it is purely for charitable purposes, particularly supporting education, health-care and other related relief services. Al-Khidmat Foundation is dedicated to the services of humanity in all parts of the world without any discrimination of creed, religion and political association. They provide free man power for surveying the areas and identifying children and families in need of our help. They help us with getting the children to the class room.